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From a young age, I was flower-obsessed, stuffing them in my dad's pockets and asking him to pull over and see the wildflowers. Our annual trip to the California poppy fields would take my breath away every Spring. This love carried into my adult life with weekly trips to the farmers market to pick up fresh flowers. Every birthday or family gathering, I would arrive with flowers because I wholeheartedly believe they are the greatest gift. This passion slowly grew into working in the floral industry as a freelancer.  

I am a self-taught designer and bespoke event florist. My style is organic, loose, natural, and lush. I take my inspiration from nature and follow its lead for design and color palettes. Utilizing all forms of floral mechanics to create an organic yet whimsical event excites me the most. Creating floral designs for any event sets the tone, and I
strive to understand precisely what my clients envision. I am beyond excited you're here and can't wait to discuss your plans!

I'm Katie!

- N & Z

"Katie will care as much about your event as you do if not more. Every suggestion was exactly what we wanted but didn't know how to communicate, thank you for bringing it to life!"

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Our purpose is to bring the joy and beauty of florals to our clients, whether an intimate dinner party or a wedding celebration.

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